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User Competition: 50+ pounds to lose


This thread is for discussion about the user competition: 50+ pounds to lose - which runs from 09/20/2016 through 09/19/2017.

  Teresa Replied:

I have 90lbs to lose. I started a weight loss program a month ago and haven't lost very much. I'm hoping to make some tracks here! Good luck, all!

  Pinkdream Replied:

Cheering you on!!

  Iyanifa Ekundayo Replied:

I just joined this competition today (7.29.17) All of us can reach our goals let's keep our eye on the prize.

  liba Replied:

I just joined thispetition today. so I am hoping to make some tracks here... all of us help me and motivate me

  Rjaatt Replied:

Who wants to RE-START this 4/ 4/ 2018 through 4/ 4/ 2019
This thread is for discussion about the a new competition: 50+ pounds to lose -
New Comers or Old Comers we are all in the same Boat! Let's Rock these Pounds Away!

Stomp: every-time you exercise today, Included is (Calories Burned Calculator) Add up your time at the end of the day or when your able and place your number here! The little things still count!

Example: Brush teeth, Carrying an Infant, Chop Wood, Cleaning Gutters, Cleaning windows
Clearing light brush, thinning garden, Cooking, Digging, spading, composting
Dusting or polishing furniture, Garden, Gardening - container, Gardening with heavy power tools, Housework, ironing, Laundry, Loading/ Unloading a car, Mopping, Mowing - push, Mowing - riding, Packing Suitcase, Push stroller with child, Putting away Groceries, Raking lawn, Rearranging Furniture, Scrubbing floors, Shovel Snow, Showering.

These are just a few on the list, When your done adding up all your work for the day be proud of yourself for being a great person who cares about yourself and others. (STOMP IT OUT)!

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