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ODAT Sunday March 25, 2018

Jeanne- CE!

Good day to Precious Ones! Hope your day is loaded with wellness; what are you hoping to have happen?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, enjoy my time at church, keep this day open for living life fully as we celebrate Gary's BirthDAY!

  Lyn Replied:

Sitting by the fire, hopefully soon the weather will be too warm for this! It is going to be a great day!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Hi, I had a Gary also its been 8 yrs since he passed with Parkinson's and Crohns. He was my heart and soul. I miss him every day, I have never ever been the same. He found his son after 30 something years. Gave him his Harley Davidson "Ole Blue" His birthday was last month.

Thank you for a thought with a smile He wrote this poem I have most of them:

Trails of Confusion
Following trails of confusion
I stumble through life in time
Sailing beyond life's illusion
Driving petty fears from my mind

I stand tall fighting my demons
Testing my strength as a man
Courage contained within my soul
Defeating my foes as only I can

On through trails of confusion
I take control of my own destiny
Watching the future come to pass
Knowing I am where I need to be
Gary D Dowdy

  Lyn Replied:

Beautiful. How great that you have his poems!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Yes! I asked nothing from him, he had a very hard life just a cowboy who was a hard worker and after his world turned up side down, I met him in his 50's and I got the last few best years of his life. All I could do was love him and that was a blessing.

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