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Fitness Expert - Linda SpangleI love and I'm excited to be partnering with this phenomenal website. My weight-loss clients have raved about how this site has helped them stay focused and solid on their diet and exercise plans. gives you powerful tools for monitoring your progress and staying on track-critical aspects of becoming a weight-loss success story!

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Planning & Tracking Calendar

Easily plan and track your weight, meals, exercises & water intake.

80+ Exercise Database

Plan and track your daily exercises and the calories you're burning.

Daily Task List

See your daily diet tasks that check off as you complete them.

7-Day Quick Planner

Plan your meals and exercises for the next 7 days all on one screen.

Meal Intake Chart

Break down your meals and learn valuable insights about your day.

Goal Tracking System

Track your weight goals and make sure you're on pace to achieve them.

Over 120,000 Food Items

Plan and track each meal using our databases foods.

Diet Competitions

Find fun and motivation with dieting competitions from over 20 categories.

Diet Profile

Quickly define your current situation and plan where you want to be.

Pedometer Tracking

Track your daily pedometer steps to keep track of your activity level.

Weight Chart

Tracking your weight is fun using our customizable weight chart.

Diet Recipes & Meal Suggestions

Plan complete meals in seconds and save your favorites for future planning.

Keep a Diet Blog

Upload pictures and keep a daily journal of your diet. Sharing optional!

Buddy Chat Room

Find and chat with other dieters for daily support & motivation.

Wii Fit & Kinect Database

A perfect companion piece to the popular fitness video games.

Mobile Diet Tracking

Track your diet using iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & other portable devices.

Community Message Boards

Share diet tips and seek advice from like-minded dieters.

Tip Share Program

Post, read and rate diet tips from the community.