What is StartYourDiet.com?

StartYourDiet.com is an online diet program. Our extensive tools will help you come up with the right diet plan, motivate and keep you focused through your daily tracking, inform you with our charts & graphs, and support you with expert advice and a warm community. It's a complete online diet program that provides the perfect set of tools no matter what style of diet you are on. Best of all, our program contains no advertising and costs a fraction of what the "big guys" charge. We even offer a free version with tons of great features.

Does the program work for those outside of the United States?

Absolutely! We have members worldwide. You can choose to use kilograms (kg.) instead of pounds (lbs.) and you can set the calender to your time zone. All of the program functions are designed to work in both formats and data is automatically converted when necessary. When joining as a deluxe member, PayPal automatically handles converting to your currency.

What are the requirements for using the program? Is it compatible with my Apple Mac?

Since our software is internet based, it only requires is a computer with an internet connection and a newer version of any major internet browser. This software is tested on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Firefox & Google Chrome. Charts will use Adobe Flash if it's detected, otherwise they will switch to HTML5 versions.

Will the mobile version work with my device?

Our mobile app is available for Apple, Android and some Amazon Kindle Fire devices. For other devices, we offer a web-based version developed to mobile standards.

If I become a member, will I receive SPAM email?

Absolutely not! In fact, we don't even require you to input your email address upon joining. We do not share your information, there are no ads of any kind within the program and we never employ unethical methods such as spyware or adware.

Once I become a Deluxe member, is there anything more to buy?

No, your membership fee gives you complete access to the program. There are no special foods to buy and no advertisements within the program.

I'm concerned about putting my credit card information on the net.

We use PayPal as our payment provider. They've invested millions of dollars in security features and all credit card transactions are handled over their secure networks. In fact, we never even see your credit card information. We let them handle the secure payments and we worry about delivering a high-quality diet program. In 15+ years of working with them, we have had zero security issues and their customer service has been top-notch.

How do I cancel my membership?

There is no reason to cancel your membership, you are not automatically re-billed. After your paid membership period is over, your account is converted to a free membership and all free accounts may be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.