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Exclusive features not found anywhere else!

Simplified Tracking
This optional special mode lets you focus on a single nutritional category, like calories or carbs, for easier tracking and clarity.
Easy Meal Planning
Our "Click and Pick" meal planner helps you create a meal plan with just a few clicks. Or browse 100's of pre-made meal plans!
100 Days Program
One hundred daily lessons with activities to complete. Designed to help change the mindset and habits that got you there in the first place!
Momentum Builder
Our "Momentum Builder" and "First Five" programs are designed to get you started (or restarted) when taking that first step is difficult.
Audio Program
Like having a fitness coach on your MP3 player, these audio lessons address key dieting & lifestyle habits and strategies.
Friends with the Scale
A unique coaching program that shows you how to turn your bathroom scale into a powerful weight loss tool.
Start and join competitions with other community members or start a private 1-on-1 competition with a friend or spouse!
Maintenance Mode
Once you've reached your goal, switch the program into maintenance mode with new charts, designed to help you keep the weight off.
Fruit Salad Chef
It's game time! Take a break and play our addicting puzzle game, and compete with other members on the leaderboards.
Weight Loss Garden
Your Weight Loss Garden is a fun way to track your progress and get visually rewarded when you have success!
Jump-Start! Action Plan
Focusing on the very start of your diet, this tool lets you develop a trackable action plan with specific goals for your starting phase.
Walk the U.S.A.
Get your pedometer (or fitbit) ready! Do you have what it takes to walk from Los Angeles to New York city?